Daily Schedules vary on age, but generally a day proceeds as follows:


9:00-9:15 --  Arrival and Greetings: Each child is warmly welcomed to the classroom each morning and supported in settling into the morning routine at school. Parents can share important information.

9:15-10:00 Discovery time:  Free choice among a variety of activities in the learning centers: reading:center, writing center, manipulatives, dramatic play, sensory table, block center, art table, science table and math table.

10:00- 10:35 Circle time: Circle time with music, stories and games to introduce a theme and its concepts or to practice specific skill building activities.

10:35-11:00 Projects and centers: Children get to take advantage and discover their talents.

11:00- 12:05  Outside Time: Use of playground equipment & group games.

12:05-12:40 -- Wash hands and lunch: Children bring their own lunch. *GCE policy requires no meat lunches.

12:40-12:50 — Torah Yoga Traditional songs are sung together with an emphasis on yoga exercises. creative movement, Israeli dance, sports, gymnastics, yoga, or music. 

12:50-2:00 — Nap time: Nap cots supplied. 

2:00-2:50 --Centers and Project Time: Opportunities for children to divide into half-groups and partake in projects to further explore a theme or concept and sharpen specific skills.

2:50- 3:05 - Snack

3:05- 3:15 - Music and movement

3:15- 3:30- closing circle