The GCE Preschool is a State Licensed Preschool that is devoted to top quality childcare and education. The preschool offers a uniquely warm & nurturing environment for children between the ages of 2 & 5 years old. 

Our Philosophy reflects current thinking in the field of early childhood education and aims to build a strong foundation for all future learning and living.  Each child’s individuality is valued and nurtured. as the curriculum is focused on encouraging your child’s developing sense of self. Parents are regarded as partners in the important role of raising children to be caring, responsible and creative Jewish adults. Through holiday celebrations, social functions, parent conferences and weekly newsletters, your family becomes a significant part of the community.

Our teaching staff are qualified and experienced professionals in the field of early childhood education. Our teachers share a genuine passion for the care and education of children and strive to create a warm and stimulating classroom environment.  

Our curriculum is built on an interdisciplinary approach to learning.  Subjects such as language arts, math, science, social studies and Judaic studies are integrated and emanate from a central concept or theme. We develop our most powerful themes from the Jewish and American holidays, family, community and nature.  During the year, additional themes emerge which reflect the interests of the class. The cognitive, physical, social, emotional, spiritual and creative domains of child development are the cornerstones of curriculum planning at Gan Chaya Preschool.