Our hearts are broken, our minds stunned, our bodies numb. The carnage, the horror, the terror. 

But we dare not remain idle. The needs of our brothers and sisters are many and they are great. 

The devastated families of terror victims and of hostages need our support. 

The injured and wounded need medical care as medical facilities are overwhelmed.

Our IDF soldiers need our assistance and encouragement as they fight for our Nation.

The communities of Southern Israel who are locked indoors and under attack need our aid.

They need us to help them, to support them, to inspire them during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

We know the enormity of what is happening in Israel. We understand the gravity of this crisis. And we must respond. We must cry. We must pray. We must share in their pain, their grief, their suffering. And now, must step up and step in and help In Every Way, On Every Front. 

To that end, we have created a United Front to assist in every way and on every front. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. 

Our fellow Jews need food. They need medical care. They need encouragement. They need housing. They need comforting. 

Join the campaign. 

With a United Front, we will offer help and healing. With a United Front, we will bring solace and comfort.

With a United Front, we will merit Hashem’s help and victory.