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Note: We will not be able to process chametz sales submitted later than Thursday, April 18, 2019 11:00 PM MST.

The storage area should be locked or taped shut to be leased to the non-Jew at the time of the chametz sale.

If you will be out of Denver for the holiday of Passover, please consult Rabbi Sirota before filling out this application form. 

Since there are many legal intricacies in this sale, only a competent Rabbi should be entrusted with its execution.  The Rabbi acts as our agent both to sell the chametz to the non-Jew on the morning before Pesach starts and also to buy it back the evening after Pesach ends.

Delegation of Power to Sell Chometz

I the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Aharon Sirota to act in my place and stead, and on my behalf to sell all chametz possessed by me, knowingly or unknowingly as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law (e.g. chametz, possible chametz, and all kind of chametz mixtures).

Also chametz that tends to harden and adhere to inside surfaces of pans, pots, or cooking utensils, the utensils themselves, as well as pet food that contain chametz and mixtures thereof.

Rabbi Aharon Sirota is also empowered to lease all places wherein the chametz owned by me may be found, particularly at the address/es listed below, and elsewhere.

Rabbi Aharon Sirota has full right to appoint any agent or substitute in his stead and said substitute shall have full right to sell and lease as provided herein.

Rabbi Aharon Sirota also has the full power and right to act as he deems fit and proper in accordance with all the details of the Bill of Sale used in the transaction to sell all my chametz, chametz mixtures, etc., as provided herein. This power is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinic and Civil laws.

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  For questions in this regard, please call Rabbi Aharon Sirota at 303.437.4728



                      Shmura Matzah Order Form

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Shmurah means “watched,” and it is an apt description of this matzah, the ingredients of which (the flour and water) are watched from the moment of harvesting and drawing.

The day chosen for the harvesting of the wheat is a clear, dry day. The moment it is harvested, the wheat is inspected to ensure that there is absolutely no moisture. From then on, careful watch is kept upon the grains as they are transported to the mill. The mill is meticulously inspected by rabbis and supervision professionals to ensure that every piece of equipment is absolutely clean and dry. After the wheat is milled, the flour is again guarded in its transportation to the bakery. Thus, from the moment of harvesting through the actual baking of the matzah, the flour is carefully watched to ensure against any contact with water.

The water, too, is carefully guarded to prevent any contact with wheat or other grain. It is drawn the night before the baking, and kept pure until the moment it is mixed with the flour to bake the shmurah matzah.

Also in the bakery itself, shmurah matzot are under strict supervision to avoid any possibility of leavening during the baking process. This intensive process and careful guarding gives the shmurah matzah an added infusion of faith and sanctity—in fact, as the matzah is being made, all those involved constantly repeat, “L’shem matzot mitzvah”—“We are doing this for the sake of the mitzvah of matzah.”

Shmurah matzot are round, kneaded and shaped by hand, and are similar to the matzot that were baked by the Children of Israel as they left Egypt. It is thus fitting to use shmurah matzah on each of the two Seder nights for the matzot of the Seder plate.

The Rolls-Royce of matzah is the traditional handmade variety, recommended for Seder use. Order your matzah today!

Please note: Your order will not be shipped to you, this is a reservation form only. Upon submission of this form you will be contacted regarding availability & pick up of your order. Shmura Matza must be picked up by Tuesday, March 27 2018 at 362 S Jasmine St. Denver, CO 80224

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Shmurah Matzah  #of lbs @ $20.00 per lb.  
(approx. 7-8 Matzahs per lb.)

 *I will Pick up my order on (Please list full date i.e 03/20/19)  

                                   Payment is Required upon pick up of order

                                       Checks may be made out to WCRJ 

Wishing you & yours a Kosher & Happy Passover