Babyccino - A chic meet for mod moms and their tots


“Neighborhood & Community Helpers“

10:00-10:15 – caffeinate & acclimate

10:15-10:30 – welcome circle & davening

10:30-10:55 – eat, explore, discover

10:55-11:00 – closing circle (parachute/goodbye song)

The philosophy behind Babyccino is really the story of its birth. It’s a attempt at two things: building and deepening the creative and expressive relationship between mother and baby, and getting mothers out of the house and into a beautifully fun environment encouraging them to interact and share with fellow neighborhood moms. #MomCentic. This is one of the most significant differenced between the Babyccino method and that of other Mommy & Me classes: most “classes” revolve around the baby, and the moms are there as guardians (think Gymboree, My Gym, music classes etc.), while Babyccino revolves around the moms. It’s about catering to their comfort level and ensuring this is something they will enjoy.