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All Jews by default are members of our Congregation. The Synagogue is your 'home away from home'.  However we do urge you to choose a partnership category with us in bringing authentic Jewish values and programming  to our area by choosing a membership category. The money we raise via Membership covers only some of our operating budget. Every penny contributed stays right here, working in our community, benefiting everyone. Literally thousands of lives were touched in a positive way through our activities this past year. But there is so much more to do.
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Full Member Gold: Includes Family (of 4) seats for high holidays, 25% off all Programming. Services of synagogue clergy at all life cycle events.


($150 Monthly)

Full Member Silver: Includes Family of 4 Seats for high holidays, 2 Free Bar/ Bat Mitzvah sessions. 15% off Holiday Programming & Hebrew School of the Arts.


($100 Monthly)

Full Member Bronze: Includes family of 4 seats for high holidays and 10% off Holiday Programming & Young Jewish Connections.


($80 Monthly)


Associate Member -family- Includes 4 high holidays’ seats. 5% off Hebrew School


($60 monthly)

Associate member- Couple- Includes 2 High Holiday Seats


($45 monthly)

Associate member -Single/senior- Includes 1 High Holiday seat. 5% off Young Professional programs


($30 monthly)

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Option 1:I will send a check In the amount of to the WCRJ at 295 S Locust St. Denver, CO 80224
Option 2: I will pay my pledge of  in a single payment right now by continuing on to Paypal below

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I hereby certify that all information given above is true and correct and that I, and all members of my immediate family named herein, are Jewish by birth, or by conversion in accordance with Orthodox Jewish Law (Halacha).

Please indicate below the activities in which you are interested and would like to see grow:

Adult Education

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Club

Young Jewish Connections –Monthly program for Young Professionals in their 20's and 30's with Rabbi Mendy & Chana Sirota

Hebrew School of the Arts

Holiday Programing – E.g Chanukah on Ice, Themed Purim events, Passover Seder

Judaica Services – Tefillin and mezuzah checks, mezuzah purchases, koshering home.

Gan Chaya Esther Preschool & Babycinno - A chic Meet for Moms & their Tots

Teens for the community- Monthly programs for Teens

Women’s Night out ( Special programming for woman)

All of the Above

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 Rabbi Aharon & Rivka Sirota  | Rabbi Mendy & Chana Sirota