Arrivals & Pick-ups 
The safety of your child is our prime concern. For this reason, we ask every parent to sign their child in when dropping their child off at Hebrew School. This ensures we are aware who is in the building at all times, ensures that no child is outside the building without a parent, and assists us with our attendance records.

Hebrew School begins punctually at 11:00 am

We respectfully request that you bring your child to school on time. Latecomers miss important parts of the lesson and often have difficulty adjusting to the rhythm of the class. To further encourage punctuality, each child who arrives on time will receive a Torah dollar, which will be added to their total for a prize store.

Regular attendance is crucial in accomplishing the goals of our educational program. There is direct correlation between attendance and achievement, interest and attitude.

Snack & Food Products – A Peanut/Nut Aware School 
Children will receive a snack in the midst of Hebrew School varying between crackers, pretzels, cookies, apple juice and water. All of our food is nut and peanut free. In addition, during our party’s and special events all our food is closely monitored to ensure that no child is allergic to any ingredients.

Weekly Email 
A weekly email, sent out on Friday informs parents of the outline of your child’s upcoming lesson at Hebrew School, special activities and programming happening at Jewish Discovery that upcoming Sunday.

Our Hebrew School website can be viewed from Our mega, informative website is updated weekly and will feature news, upcoming events and recent photographs of your child. Our Hebrew School website also elaborates on the philosophy, program and policies of our school and offers advice and articles on parenting.

Jewish Discovery Program – Special Events 
Our Hebrew School offers programs throughout the year for parents to participate in with their children. Some of these programs include a Friday Night Dinner, Holiday Programs and the End of Year Ceremony. Look out for email and mail notifications.

Festival Programs 
WCRJ has festival programs and events for every Jewish Holiday. Families of Jewish Discovery program are invited to participate in these enjoyable and entertaining programs for the whole family.

Parent involvement increases the success of our Hebrew School. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact the Hebrew School Director, Mrs Chana Sirota at 347.300.1296

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