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We are in the midst of a social crisis stemming from the inability to connect on a healthy, respectful and intimate level, states Rabbi Manis Friedman in a timely new book to be published next month. This epidemic of alienation coexists with the outpouring of heartbreaking stories sparked by the #MeToo campaign.

During his 40-plus years of counseling, Rabbi Manis Friedman — world-renowned author, relationship guru, social philosopher and public speaker — has helped thousands of couples navigate their way from misery to harmony with his unique form of couples therapy based on the foundation of intimate connection and true intimacy.

In the course of the lecture with Rabbi Friedman, you may find yourself surprised as this Orthodox Jewish spiritual leader discusses such topics as the challenge of finding meaningful love, the power of sexuality and the hidden potential of marriage.  

 Other timely matters his talk focuses on include:

●       Preserving your natural spontaneity

●       Setting the mood for intimacy

●       Making your bedroom a sacred space

●       Creating lasting relationships

Rabbi Friedman challenges contemporary social norms, dispensing timeless advice. In a voice steeped with wisdom and compassion, he charts a path from despair to discovery of the secret power of collaboration between partners, inspiring readers to follow his lead.


Rabbi Friedman will address our community on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 7 pm  | Light refreshments will be served! 

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