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New rabbi To join

New rabbi To join



The Western Center for Russian Jewry is rolling out the red carpet for Rabbi Mendy & Chana Sirota, and their 8 month old daughter, Bluma.

Rabbi Mendy and Chana Sirota has been appointed by his father Rabbi A. Sirota, founder and Director of the Western Center for Russian Jewry, as the new educational and program directors of the WCRJ to continue servicing the Russian community as a center for Jewish life in Denver and the surrounding suburbs.

Rabbi Mendy and Chana Sirota come with experience, enthusiasm, and talent. They have both been involved in Jewish outreach for several years and are eager to continue their work here in Denver.

Mendy, born and bred in Denver is outgoing, dynamic, and

Over the past few years, Mendy has had a large impact on the Denver Jewish community by launching innovative programs for teens, children, young adults, and families. Chanukah on Ice, themed Purim parties, High Holidays, the first CTeen Chapter in Colorado, and Young Adults initiatives are some of his great achievements. He has studied in Talmudical seminaries in the east and west coast and has earned his Rabbinical Ordination from the Rabbinical College of America, from the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau.

His wife, Chana a Toronto native, was born into a family of educators and has graduated with honors from a prestigious teachers training Seminary in Israel. She is hardworking, passionate about working with children, and artistically inclined and amazing in the kitchen. Her experiences include teaching in various Hebrew schools in the states and in Canada, led summer camps, and was assistant director at the "All My Children" day school in Brooklyn, NY.

Budapest Hungary, Toronto Canada, Montreal Canada, Palo Alto CA, Greenwich CT, North Carolina, Texas, Santa Cruz CA, Chicago, Fort Laurderdale FL, and New York all have been affected by Chana & Mendy. Now they are making Denver their home.

“After developing and maintaining a connection with numerous Jewish Russian families in the area, we felt it was time for the new couple to take the challenge,” says Rabbi A. Sirota.

“Connecting with others through the warmth, depth and joy of Judaism has always been my passion,” says Rabbi Mendy, “I enjoy answering the important questions people ask and enjoy helping them learn about their heritage,” he adds. We wish Mendy, Chana and Bluma lots of luck, and will be starting off with the exciting Chanukah programs for this year holidays season.

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